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I checked on it. This gif is identical to mine

Please delete this. Reblog it instead!

I checked on it. This gif is identical to mine


Please delete this. Reblog it instead!

I want this scene to show up whenever I wrote an e-mail

I want this scene to show up whenever I wrote an e-mail

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Episode “The Beast Within” in a nutshell: Someone gets some balls

Episode “Stranded” in a nutshell: Someone gets some boobs

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A Teen Titans Fanfiction ‘Gersub’s Season 6’ Episode 3

"A Storm approaches"

(~11.000 words)

There was trouble in town. The H.I.V.E five- this time without Jinx and with Gizmo as their leader- were trying to get away with a full load of cash they just ‘earned’. But no, they weren’t running. They knew, that the Titans were about to come and that the H.I.V.E. could only escape when they were defeated. So while they were waiting Mammoth and the multiple Billi Numerous trashed some cars and broke in the shops that were nearby. See-More however seemed rather confused and went to confront Gizmo, “So, why are we not gonna go home yet?”

“Because,” answered Gizmo, “escaping would be futile just like it was the other times. In order to be successful, we have to defeat the Titans! And this time, I am sure of it, we will be able to! Make yourself useful and try to spot them!”

See-More stayed rather insecure in that matter and just did as he was told to. He turned the button on the side of his helmet making it switch to x-ray vision and observed his surroundings. After a few seconds however Kyd Wykkyd came closer to him and tapped his shoulder. He was signalizing that the Titans in fact have already arrived to their right just several meters away. As the H.I.V.E five gathered, Robin, in the center of his troops, shouted, “You again? This is getting old! It’s time for you to visit the jail again! Titans go!“

“Oh, this time, it is not going to be an ordinary battle,” whispered Gizmo while he was secretly pulling some unidentified Gadgets out of a bag he had with him. They looked like… highly-developed… frisbees? As odd as it sounds but it is the most suitable description for how they looked. Kyd Wykkyd, who was wearing some sort of metal gloves, took one of them and teleported through his cape behind the Teen Titans. Before the Titans even noticed him, he quickly threw this metal device rotating in the direction of the enemy leader. But just when it was about to land a hit, the mechanical hand of a well-known cyborg grabbed it fiercely and therefor rescued the leader’s spiky hair. He grabbed it so strong, that he made it dent and some sort of pink dust came out of it.

“Oh, you thought it would be that simple, hein?” Screamed Cyborg confidently and threw it right back to where it came from. However Kyd Wykkyd smiled and did not even attempt to dodge it. Instead the Frisbee made a curve right past him and flew like a boomerang back to Cyborg. When he saw that, he shouted out loud and kept his arms in front of him for protection. But he didn’t need it. Beast Boy turned into a giant crab and with his claw he smashed the devise in mid-air. That however triggered it to explode in a fluffy pink cloud and Beast Boy flew away right into a Hot Dog stand. He now was all pink like Cyborgs arm and Cyborg realized, what was happening.

“These explosive devices track this weird pink paint!” He said while wildly shaking his arm hoping to get rid of the stain “And I can’t get it off!”

Meanwhile Beast Boy stood up in pain and as soon as he could clearly see again he noticed about 50 Billi Numerous who surrounded him. Each one with one of these devices in their metal glove hands.

“This… is not good.” Whispered Beast Boy in fear of the detonation that was about to begin.

“Yeehhaa!” shouted the Billis happily “That’s more like it!”

They just let go of the devices and automatically targeted for the poor Beast Boy. He then quickly turned into an eagle and flew right up to the sky. The devices hit each other right underneath him and caused an explosion so devastating, that it pushed Beast Boy faster up making it impossible for him to keep up with his wings. The H.I.V.E. five were just about to begin and not giving any breaks. Mammoth and See-More were ready with another load of explosives.

“Titans, dodge them and take them out one by one!” ordered Robin while pulling out his staff and side stepped in order to avoid another thrown device. Raven, Starfire and Cyborg were busy shooting the frisbees with their power and laser beams not knowing what else Gizmo had in store for them. He pushed a button on a remote he had with him and a suitcase on four robotic legs came out a nearby alley. It opened itself and presented another load of those devices. It was going to be a dangerous struggle but despite that the citizens of Jump City were curious. They gathered around the battlefield on the streets and observed their heroes fighting. Among them was a teenage boy. He came from abroad and was only here on vacation. He had blonde hair and blue eyes and was about 1.8 meters tall. He never saw a super hero in real life, especially not in action. Naturally he was all excited and wanted to see as much as possible. Suddenly somewhere in the sky over the audience has been an explosion and tiny pieces of circuits rain down, but there was more, something bigger. A girl in a blue cape, a.k.a. Raven, fell down as well. The viewers were shocked when they saw that. They held their breath and prayed that the brave girl would be all fine. But she fell… and fell… and the people started to expect the worst case. They could not watch this cute little lass fall into her doom.

“We must catch her!” someone shouted and so the tallest and strongest men among the audience assembled and raised their hands ready to catch her. The young teenage boy participated and stretched his body to the maximum hoping he could be one of the guys rescuing her. She was already so close, that the young boy could already feel her cloak. But right when she was about to land, she stopped falling. She used her power of levitation again to save herself. She moved into a vertical position and then looked down to all the men who were ready to return the favor they owed the Titans.

“I’m alright, don’t worry.” Raven said.

She seemed unemotional first, but then she smiled and added, “Thank you all nonetheless.”

For some reason the young boy was fascinated by this. Fascinated by her power to fly, the way she looked and talked and her smile. He couldn’t explain it but the heroine immediately caught all of his attention. For the rest of the battle he was only paying attention to what she was doing. When she saved her leaders back with a protecting shield of her power and when she knocked out that villain who likes to teleport around.

After a while the battle came to an end and the entire H.I.V.E five has been captured and tied together with Robin’s grappling hook.

“We have succeeded again!” declared Starfire, “That is because bad guys never win!”

After these words, all the people who had witnessed the victory, came closer to their heroes and applauded them similar to how a famous rock band is celebrated. Especially Beast Boy enjoyed it and made poses to impress his fans. The crowd moved together and made it hard for anyone to navigate through. That turned out to be a problem. The young teenage boy tried squeezing past all the other people and ended up moving extremely slow forward. But he wanted to get a better look at the girl in the blue cloak. He wasn’t thinking about the reason why he was just so eager to see her, he was simply going. When he was about 20 steps away from her, the police came and took the villains with them. Robin realized that and he ordered his teammates to return home. And that’s what they did… well except for Beast Boy who has been dragged along by Cyborg since he didn’t wanted to leave yet. For the young boy however it was too late now, though it was not the end…


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